El Gorto

Who is El Gorto?

El Gorto is the uninhibited alter ego of David Lucas, a graphic designer and visual researcher. Learn more about the man behind the curtain at Bullsimple.com

A Juxtaposer

Not just a poser, but a Juxtaposer — I’m a time-traveling, self-taught folk artist living mostly in the fictional town of Purgatory Springs, Colorado. Absolutely obsessed with reworking found objects, maps, history and relics, I am bent on creating knickknacks for the masses.
A Hyper-Idealized Version of the Pipe-Smoking El Gorto

Art is a can of worms.

El Gorto – The Portable El Gorto

What the Critics say:

"The visionary art of El Gorto makes it virtually impossible to keep a straight face.”
Harvey Korman
Hollywood Legend
"The El Gorto I know has a terrifying dark side. And he can take that as a compliment."
Ilie Năstase
Tennis Great
“El Gorto touches me in such a way that he really shouldn't. Not the man, but his art."
Julie McCoy
Cruise Director