Nietzsche in the Morning, then Just Walk Away

Ask El Gorto
Young Freddy Nietzche at Mickey’s Blue Haven Bar in Hell’s Kitchen

Dear El Gorto,

I am a graduating philosophy student at Cornell College in Iowa and am a huge fan of yours. Your book, Finding Balance, really helped me with both my yoga poses and when things were not going so well with my boyfriend.

I am finishing my Honors Thesis on Nietzsche’s The Gay Science. My question to you, El Gorto, is simply, how do you apply Nietzsche’s philosophy in your day-to-day life? 


Molly Ringwalder
Mount Vernon, Iowa

Dear Molly,

It’s hard to be sure of anything, but I do know Mount Vernon is in Virginia, and Cornell is in Ithaca, New York. So don’t try to fool me.

As far as applying Nietzsche to my everyday life, simple: That which doesn’t kill El Gorto, makes El Gorto stronger. 

Slightly miffed,
El Gorto