Highlights from the Dick Cavett Show

Interviews, Quotes

Dick Cavett: How would you describe yourself?
El Gorto: Hardboiled.
DC: Seriously?
EG:  Yeah, but here’s the deal, I’m not who I pretend to be.
DC: That’s deep. Is that Eastern Philosophy?
EG: Mid Western. Saw it on a bathroom stall east of Terre Haute.
DC: Okay, so what would you say is your best quality?
EG: Corpulence.
(big crowd applause)
DC: Favorite song?
EG: Danke Schoen, or for that matter, anything by Wayne Newton. He’s got the voice of an angel. But not the Brenda Lee version, she really messed that song up. 
DC: What about Tom Jones?
EG: What about him?
DC: He’s quite the performer.
EG: Between you and me, I can’t stomach him. The man’s a fop.
DC: Biggest regret?
EG: Hmm? I once told a dynamite broad I’d meet up with her later. She got all specific on me and asked me “when.” So like a dope,  I said, a nickel before two. The gal never showed up.  Wonder if I should have just said one fifty-five. Haunts me to this day.  You want to charm, avoid the jargon.